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Once you decide that you need cooling for your facility (or once an equipment breakdown makes that decision for you), and you’ve determined that renting is the best option for your business, there is still a matter of choosing the right partner for your rental cooling solutions. Mobile Air & Power Rentals is well-equipped and ready to meet all of your cooling needs, and it all starts with our quality fleet of rental air conditioners. When it comes to air conditioning units, there are a few reasons why MAPR’s selection stands above the rest.

Versatility: rental air conditioners for any of your needs

Whether you need to cool a small office space, a gigantic industrial plant, or anything in between, our fleet of rental air conditioners is versatile enough to handle any and all of your needs. Our selection ranges from 1 to 80 tons and covers a host of different temporary cooling applications. Whatever rental cooling needs you send our way, we’ll be sure to handle it with our adaptable fleet of air conditioners.

Dependability: units that you can trust to get the job done

Our fleet of rental air conditioners features some of the latest units available. Although our experienced technicians have the skills to properly maintain equipment and to resolve any issues that arise with rental cooling solutions, the durability and ruggedness of our equipment means that onsite repairs will rarely be necessary. This means that you can truly “set it and forget it” — as soon as rental air conditioners are installed, you can continue to focus your attention to other important aspects of your business operations.

Affordability: a small price to pay for peace of mind

Quality always comes at a price, but with Mobile Air and Power Rentals, you can save yourself from tear-inducing expenses. When you opt for rental air conditioners, you dramatically reduce the capital outlay required to buy, maintain, and store equipment that you may only use for part of the year. Better yet, renting from MAPR ensures that you won’t spend a penny more than necessary to keep your facilities cool and your operations running smoothly.


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