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Whether for emergencies, industrial and commercial processes, or even applications such as structural drying, rental dehumidifiers can be a great option for those who prefer not to purchase permanent dehumidification equipment. High humidity has several potential causes. Sometimes the cause is simply the climate, such as humid summers in the South. Other times, however, humidity comes alongside water damage when a hurricane or severe flooding strikes an area. No matter the reason and no matter the application, any moisture related problems can be solved by a temporary dehumidification solution from Mobile Air & Power Rentals.

Mobile Air & Power Rentals specializes in temporary drying solutions, so there is no drying job that we aren’t ready to tackle head on. When unsuitable moisture conditions or the potential for mold growth is a concern, our fleet of desiccant and LGR dehumidifiers is versatile enough to meet any unique rental dehumidification need. And when you value a quick response, experienced technicians, logo-free equipment, and even project management services, we’ve got you covered.

Among Mobile Air & Power Rental’s fleet of rental dehumidifiers is a selection of LGR units. Our low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers are far better at moisture removal than conventional dehumidifiers, which is why they’re a go-to option for many commercial applications. Our rental LGR dehumidifiers work by cooling processed air in the same way that an air conditioner would, using the refrigerant to absorb heat from the air. The cooler air no longer has the same capacity to retain moisture, and thus moisture removal is achieved. The air is then heated again by the heat absorbed by the refrigerant, preparing the air to “wick” any moisture in the space being dehumidified. Their robust function makes them suitable for tougher restoration projects.

When a job requires bone-dry moisture conditions, nothing beats a desiccant dehumidifier. Instead of using a refrigerant-based system, our commercial rental dehumidifiers rely on chemical absorption and attraction using substances called desiccants (much like the packets labeled “Do Not Eat” that come with many food items and goods). These units are truly the best option for commercial grade applications, since they can remove much more moisture than LGR or conventional dehumidifiers. With units up to 10,000 CFM, Mobile Air can provide a custom-designed solution for a job of any size. This is especially critical for natural disaster response, when it’s necessary to minimize any moisture damage before it worsens with mold growth.

Although not technically a dehumidifier, an air mover or fan is often an important addition to any temporary drying solution. Mobile Air & Power Rentals movers can provide high air circulation in both open areas and more confined spaces, which speeds up evaporation and reduces material dry times. They are excellent for applications such as moisture removal in water damaged buildings; drying concrete, paint, and other finishes; and even for ventilating areas with potentially hazardous fumes. Mobile Air & Power Rentals offers both axial and centrifugal air mover rentals, so there are options for any space and any application.

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