Disaster Relief

Rental Power

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Rental Cooling

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Rental Heaters

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Rental Air Scrubbers

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Rental Dehumidifiers

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Temporary Solutions for Power Generator Rentals, Restoration Equipment Rentals, and Climate Control Equipment Rentals

Mobile Air & Power Rentals provides temporary power, dehumidification and HVAC solutions in any emergency. We have earned an upstanding reputation for disaster recovery due to our understanding of the rental business and attentiveness to each unique job.

Our management team has over 50 years of experience, and all of our equipment undergoes regular maintenance so you can rely on us when disaster strikes.

Disaster Recovery Team

Our disaster recovery team is made up of our management team, knowledgeable agents, and experienced technicians who are available, both day and night to provide service to disaster victims. Our team tracks each storm’s progress to ensure we are ready before a storm hits. They provide a full turnkey solution; from the first call to setup and break down our team is there to assist and man equipment ensuring every job runs properly.

Rapid Response

At Mobile Air & Power Rentals we are always ready to respond to emergency calls. Our response team is ready to roll 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide around the clock service. With multiple locations strategically placed along the east coast and gulf region we can have you running again within hours.

Contingency Planning

By definition a contingency plan is a plan designed to take a possible future event or circumstance into account. Contingency plans are often devised by governments or businesses.

When disaster strikes our contingency plans will:

  • Guarantee you access to the equipment you need
  • Reduce your downtime
  • Increase your company’s productivity
  • Create a competitive advantage
Call our skillful representatives today at 888-921-4918 to create your custom contingency plan!

Power Generator Rentals

When a natural disaster strikes, the power is almost guaranteed to go out. Power outages can last for days, sometimes weeks (and even months). Fortunately with rental generators companies can be back up and running right away.

Mobile Air & Power Rentals carries a full line of industry leading diesel generators from 20kW to 2000kW as well as a full line of power distribution. No matter what your challenge we have the solution.

Restoration Equipment Rentals

Hurricanes bring an enormous amount of heavy rain fall, resulting in flooding and water damage. As the water recedes, companies need to dry out their buildings as soon as possible, in order to eliminate the humidity trapped within and prevent mold and bacteria build up.

Mobile Air & Power Rentals has all the drying solutions that you need. From rental dehumidifiers, both desiccant and low grain refrigerated, to our air movers and air scrubbers we’ve got you covered.

Climate Control Equipment Sales & Rentals

After a natural disaster response teams deploy to begin the recovery process. Many times these teams assemble in tents while victims gather at shelters, neither of which have climate control solutions. However, with portable air conditioner rentals both response teams and victims can remain comfortable.

Mobile Air & Power Rentals can provide the perfect temporary climate solutions for any facility, inside or out. With our 1-80 ton portable air conditioner rentals we know just how to keep you cool.


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