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Each year, the Atlantic hurricane season causes substantial damage to the Southern and Eastern United States, fundamentally impacting the lives of millions of people for almost half of the year. And with a record 30 named storms, 2020 has proven that the frequency of tropical storms is likely to grow for the foreseeable future. For countless businesses, facilities, and organizations that operate in areas affected by hurricanes, it is imperative to be prepared for the worst that nature has to offer. Thankfully, being prepared is as easy as calling a temporary solutions provider such as Mobile Air & Power Rentals.

When disaster strikes, especially a hurricane, Mobile Air & Power Rentals is your best bet for getting your operations back on track. It is typical for a hurricane or tropical storm to cause either power outages or damage to any HVAC equipment stationed outside. In those cases, MAPR specializes in 24/7 emergency response services that can get business operations back on track while repairs are underway. As soon as the roads are safe and clear, Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ disaster recovery team will roll out and provide turnkey rental solutions to meet any business’ needs. When utility repairs or equipment deliveries can take weeks, you can keep things running in the meantime by partnering with us.

Mobile Air & Power Rentals also provides contingency plans for all of our equipment, allowing our partners to reserve rental equipment before a hurricane strains equipment availability. If disaster strikes and impacts your business, a contingency plan is the most proactive measure you can take to be one step ahead of the game.

To reduce your downtime and create a competitive advantage, call us today at 888-921-4918 and learn more about our services.


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