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Who knew being cool was this easy?

During winters in the coldest climates, heat is most definitely a treasured comfort. But it isn’t always so welcome. Nobody wants to work in an office that feels more like a sauna, and heat can actually be destructive to some machines used in construction, manufacturing, and other industrial applications. That’s why Mobile Air & Power Rentals offers temporary cooling solutions suitable for any circumstance, industry, or application. Whether a server room needs to combat spots that produce excessive heat or an office building’s chiller suddenly broke down, we’re prepared to design and install a solution that satisfies your specific needs.

For most cooling needs, our versatile fleet of rental coolers have exactly what it takes to adequately limit indoor air temperatures. Our units come as small as a one-ton spot cooler, a unit that can easily be maneuvered as cooling needs change around a space. Due to their size, versatility, and convenience, these smaller air conditioners are a staple of quick and reliable cooling solutions.

But when these units don’t have enough cooling to get the job done, our larger rental coolers certainly won’t fall short. No job is too large for MAPR, and we have the equipment to back that promise up. With trailer-mounted air conditioners as large as 20 tons, temporary cooling solutions are available for even the largest warehouses, event spaces, and other facilities.

Sometimes direct-exchange air conditioners are not the ideal option for larger jobs due to one reason or another. This is where our rental air-cooled and water-cooled chillers shine. If a building in need of a cooling solution has a functionally integrated cooling system, then utilizing a rental chiller is almost always the easiest and most cost-effective choice. If a job site doesn’t have an integrated cooling system, on the other hand, then renting a chiller with two air handler units is still likely to be cheaper than a direct-exchange AC for jobs that require a large amount of cooling. Whatever your needs may be, Mobile Air & Power Rentals is well-equipped to provide you with temporary cooling solutions that work best for you.

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