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Where there’s a wire, there’s a way.

There is no business, organization, or group that can realistically perform all its operations without electricity. It is a simple necessity of modern times. But when access to power is hindered or interrupted for one reason or another, it’s important to know your options for getting your operations back on track.

While you can wait for your utility company to fix the power outage, this might take far too long based on your operational needs. If every second counts, it’s best to look to temporary power solutions, and Mobile Air & Power Rentals has exactly what it takes to be your partner in these circumstances.

When it comes to power, our wide selection of rental generators can power anything from a few pieces of equipment at a construction site to an entire office building. The units can be tied into a building’s permanent wiring or they can be used alongside rental power distribution accessories, such as panels and power cable, to create a temporary power system anywhere. Where there’s a wire, there’s a way. And where there isn’t a wire, we’ll provide that too.

No matter your circumstance, MAPR is prepared to meet your exact power needs. Beyond generators, we also offer a variety of accessory equipment such as transformers, transfer switches, spider boxes, and fuel tanks, all of which can be used to create a solution that works for you. Additionally, our rental load banks will help you test your current electrical system and/or exercise any of your unused generators, giving you peace of mind over your operational capabilities.

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