Equipment Rentals vs. Turnkey Solutions: The MAPR Difference in Action

Although the Southwestern United States is well known for its scorching temperatures during the day, nighttime and winter temperatures in places like Arizona are actually much colder than many nonresidents would think. Thanks to these temperatures, construction projects in the Grand Canyon State face many of the same challenges you’d expect when constructing a building in a much colder climate. Without a source of adequate heat on the jobsite, building materials may not set, cure, and dry properly, and worker productivity may be limited due to the uncomfortably cold environment. In one Arizona town, a general contractor was in charge of constructing a 55+ community, and they relied on Mobile Air & Power Rentals to provide them with the temporary heating solution they needed to properly complete the project.

The general contractor began their search for heat by requesting a quote from one of our competitors, who was not quite engaged in the endeavor and offered a very basic estimate of the work to be done. The contractor, however, was not convinced, and looked elsewhere for a partner that would be willing to go the extra mile to assuage their particular concerns. When they found MAPR, any worries were quickly alleviated. Upon hearing from the contractor, one of our sales representatives was quick to jump on the opportunity and get to work. The representative knew that attention to detail was key, so he took whatever information he had and worked with MAPR’s engineering department over the course of a week to draw out an extremely detailed solution. By accounting for all of the building materials, each partition, and every other relevant detail, we were able to show the contractor a plan so detailed that they would know where each and every unit would be placed. Ultimately, it was this assurance of our expertise that led the contractor to go with Mobile Air & Power Rentals, proving once again that the knowledge of our sales and engineering teams help make our temporary solutions stand above the rest.

Once things were official, our operations team wasted no time in getting the installation rolling. By this time, it was November, and temperatures were already starting to become frigid. Additionally, the overall project had a very tight time schedule that required our team to move swiftly. Two local technicians and a heat specialist from Wyoming arrived on site and spent just over a day installing rental heaters and fans. The solution used eight of our AH5 heaters and about a dozen drum fans to help circulate heat around the building. During this time, another contractor working on a nearby project saw our temporary heating solution and asked for a referral to our company, thus creating another opportunity to provide a partner with our excellent temporary heating services.

With everything installed and set in place, the solution will stay on site until milder temperatures appear sometime in April. Service technicians will check on the equipment every other month, but onsite staff were trained in basic troubleshooting and our 24/7 service is always available in case of emergencies. With our temporary heating solution installed, construction workers will be able to remain comfortable on site and properly handle even the most exacting building materials.