It’s Never Too Early to Plan Ahead With a Contingency Plan From MAPR

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As winter and its colder weather takes root in the United States for the year, the threat of summertime natural disaster is likely the last thing on many people’s minds. However, it bodes well to think of things ahead of time, and there’s no better preparation than ensuring that your business operations keep going in the face of natural disasters and service outages. That’s why solutions providers like Mobile Air & Power Rentals offer contingency plans to their customers.


As the name suggests, a contingency plan is a plan that a business can make in case of some emergency, whether it’s a natural disaster or not. Specifically, our contingency plans allow businesses to calculate their HVAC and power needs ahead of time. If an emergency knocks out their power or HVAC system, a business with a contingency plan will know exactly what equipment they require without having to wait for one of our representatives to walk the site. Most importantly, the business can opt to reserve their equipment for a specific period of time. This exclusivity means that during hurricane season, a business can always have access to a piece of equipment regardless of our overall equipment availability.


Contingency plans are critical for countering the effects that hurricanes and other natural disasters can have on a business. When an area is hit by a hurricane, the resulting damage includes outages of important utilities like power. It can be weeks, even months, before power is restored in some areas. Many businesses turn to solutions providers like Mobile Air & Power Rentals for temporary power solutions, but when a major hurricane hits the U.S., competition for available equipment can become rather fierce. When just about every rental generator in the country is rented out to serve disaster related needs, the only guaranteed way to avoid missing out is to make a contingency plan ahead of time and reserve your equipment then.


However, creating a contingency plan isn’t quite as simple as calling us the day before a hurricane will hit your area. It’s best to prepare as early as possible, and the next few months are an excellent time to make a contingency plan without being stressed about storms suddenly appearing in your area. By the time hurricane season starts, the clock is already ticking to make a contingency plan in time. As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines and make contingency plans while power lines are still standing.


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