1200 CFM Rental Air Scrubber | PullmanErmator

Categories: Air Scrubbers & Negative Air Machines
Model: Pullman Holt A1200
Manufacturer: Pullman Ermator

Mobile Airs Portable HEPA ready Air Filtration Systems provides high volume air exchanges required in abatement, dust control, and air scrubbing on large job sites contaminated by airborne pollutants. These lightweight and portable Negative Air Machines and Air Scrubbers produce up to 2000 CFM of filtered air movement to efficiently improve indoor air quality in: healthcare facilities, schools, hospitality venues, construction sites, and light industrial applications.

Developed to improve IAQ, HEPA filters effectively remove contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, mold and sub-micron sized dust. HEPA filters capture 0.3 microns and larger at a 99.97% rate.

• Dual signal lamps: Orange light indicates clogged filer, red light indicates leakage in HEPA filter, alerts operator to change HEPA filter
• Clogged or broken filter sound alarm: alerts operator to correct problem
• Individually tested and certified hospital HEPA filter: 99.99% @ 0.3 microns
• Usage hour meter
• 10” Air exhaust
• 2-Speed, .5HP motor: 600/1200 cfm
• Disposable 24”x24”x1” Pleated polyester pre-filter: easy to slip in for operator
• Locking casters: for superior transportation and stability
• Double warning lights: Yellow for clogged filter, red for filter leaks. Placed on the back of scrubber for protection
• Daisy chaining feature

Unit Title 1200  CFM Rental Air Scrubber | PullmanErmator
Make Pullman Ermator
Model Pullman Holt A1200
Type Air Scrubber
CFM 600/1200
HEPA filter size 0
Power 120 VAC
Amps FLA 2.8 A
Circuit Size 5 A
Duct Ø” 10″
Length 16″
Width 28″
Height 32″
Weight 80 lbs

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