227 CFM Rental LGR Dehumidifier | Dri-Eaz

Categories: Dehumidifiers, LGR
Model: DE-1200
Manufacturer: Dri-Eaz

Mobile Airs fleet of dehumidifiers reduce humidity in enclosed structural environments by removing water vapor from the air through the refrigeration or desiccant process. Dehumidifiers can help dry wet materials like carpet and pad, paint and finishes, dry wall and gypcrete and other wet construction and remediation processes.

Using dehumidifiers may also prevent mold and mildew damage caused by prolonged high humidity and increase overall IAQ.

For better, faster results, use dehumidifiers with other air moving fans and heaters to help speed up evaporation by absorbing more moisture into the air.

• Removes up to 15 gallons a day
• Super convenient size
• Hot-gas bypass for fast defrost
• Rugged rotomolded housing
• Electronic touch-pad controls
• Rigid handle – designed for rugged service
• Semi-pneumatic wheels for easy transport
• Built-in duct attachment ring
• If power is interrupted during operation, the unit will automatically restart when power is restored.

Unit Title 227 CFM Rental LGR Dehumidifier | Dri-Eaz
Make Dri-Eaz
Model DE-1200
Type Refrigerant
CFM 227
Length Inches 20″
Width Inches 20″
Height Inches 32″
Weight LBS 80 lbs
Water Removal Gal/day 15
Operating Range °F 33°-100°F
Refrig \ weight Standard Refrigerant
duct size n/a
filter size Washable
Power 120 VAC
Amps FLA 6.4 A
Circuit Size 12 A
DBA 65 dBA
Gas supply n/a
pipe size n/a
BTU n/a

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