400 Amp Rental Distribution Box | Lex Products

Categories: Accessories, Power
Tags: Rental Spider Box
Model: PowerGATE 208V
Manufacturer: Lex Products

This spider box is fed by a generator or panel and splits off five separate sets of 5 wire Cam-type receptacles. It allows multiple areas on a construction site or multiple film shots to be set up and used as needed over the course of a day. The runs are not used simultaneously and there is no overcurrent protection.

• High-density polyethylene (HDPE) top, bottom and sides provide superior impact, weather and shock resistance

• Compact for convenient portability

• Expedient means of distributing 400 Amp, 3 Phase Cam-type cable runs

Unit Title 400 Amp Rental Distribution Box | Lex Products
Manufacturer Lex Products
Model PowerGATE 208V
AMPS 400
Rating 400 amp, 3 phase, 120/208 VAC, 60 hz, 4 pole, 5 wire
Enviromental Rating Type 3R Rainproof
Connector to Building Wiring Lug terminals #2 AWG to 600MCM
Input Connector (5) series, 16 cam-type connectors in blue, black, red, white, and green
Output n/a
Agency Approval UL Listed
Material fiberglass
Feed Thru n/a
Overcurrent protection n/a
Width 21″
Length 10.5″
Height 30.75″
Weight 58 lbs

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