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Tags: Rental Spider Box
Model: PowerGATE 480V
Manufacturer: Lex Products

Power Input Panels are generally permanently mounted to the outside of a building. It has to be located so that the associated portable generator is not near any HVAC air intakes for the facility that might draw in the generator exhaust fumes. The portable generator is connected to the Power Input Panel using 4/0 feeder cable with Cam-type Series 16 connectors. The Power Input Panel is permanently connected to a transfer switch (not supplied by Lex) that is used to switch the building electrical supply from domestic power to the portable generator. A transfer switch must be used to switch the building power between the domestic power supply and the generator for safety and to meet NEC requirements.

• Safe, convenient and economical way to connect emergency generator power to a building, in conjuction with a transfer switch

• Cables with Series 16 Cam-type connectors can connect directly to the inputs, saving crucial time in emergency situations

• Cables drape downward for lowest profile against wall

• Tamper proof design limits access to connected cables

• Weatherproof construction for installation on building exterior, ensures long life

• Dead front panel covers all exposed electrical parts for added safety

• Padlock hasp prevents unauthorized entry

• Individual cable holes restrict access reducing theft

Unit Title 400 Amp Rental Power Input Panel | Lex Products
Manufacturer Lex Products
Model PowerGATE 480V
AMPS 400
Rating 400 amp,v3 phase, 277/480 VAC, 60 hZ, 4 pole, 5 wore
Enviromental Rating Type 3R Rainproof
Connector to Building Wiring Lug terminals #2 AWG to 600MCM
Input Connector (5) series 16 camtype connectors in vbrow, orange, yellow, white, and green
Output n/a
Agency Approval UL Listed
Material fiberglass
Feed Thru n/a
Overcurrent protection n/a
Width 21″
Length 10.5″
Height 30.75″
Weight 58 lbs

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