50 Amp Rental Distribution Box | Lex Products

Categories: Accessories, Power
Tags: Rental Spider Box
Model: PowerHOUSE
Manufacturer: Lex Products

This weather resistant spider box includes (6) 20 Amp GFCI protected duplex receptacles for use in maintenance and temporary shelters to provide power to fans, lights, light power tools and computers.

• Heavy duty molded rubber enclosure is fully insulated, and resistant to shock, impact and corrosion.

• Breakers are mounted under hinged lid for enhanced safety.

• Stackable and compact for easy storage and portability.

• Elevated base keeps receptacles above ground level.

Unit Title 50 Amp Rental Distribution Box | Lex Products
Manufacturer Lex Products
Model PowerHOUSE
Rating (1) 50 amp single phase,3 pale, 4 wire, 120/240vacf, california-style locking inlet
Enviromental Rating NEMA V3R Water Resistant
Connector to Building Wiring n/a
Input Connector (1) 50 amp,single phase, 3 pole, 4 wire, 120/240 VAC, California-style locking inlet
Output (6) NEMA, 5-20, 20 amp, single phase, 2 pale, 3 wire,120 VAC, GFCI duplex receptacles
Agency Approval n/a
Material n/a
Feed Thru none
Overcurrent protection (6) 20 amp single pole branch-rates circuit breakers
Width 8.5″
Length 8.5″
Height 11″
Weight 16 lbs

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