500 Ton Rental Cooling Tower | Evapco

Categories: Cooling, Cooling Towers
Model: CT0500
Manufacturer: Evapco

Mobile Air Portable Fluid Cooler Packages are specifically engineered to provide temporary fluid cooling for commercial and industrial air conditioning and process cooling applications. The fluid cooler package is permanently mounted on a rugged steel tubular frame that can be easily maneuvered with a forklift. These features allow for quick delivery and minimal installation time.

Manufacturer Evapco
Model CT0500
Tons 500
Voltage/Phase/Hz 460V/3/60Hz
Running Load Amps 70A
Minimum Circuit Ampacity 150A
Maxmimum Overcurrent Protection
Full Load Amps 34
HP 25
RPM 1750
Number of Fans 2
Deck Connection
# / Size
2 Basin 10″ Grooved, 2 Hard Deck 6″ Grooved
Flow Rate 1,500 GPM
Fluid Pressure Drop 15.8 PSI
Entering Water Temp 95F
Leaving Water Temp 85F
Wet Bulb Temp 78F
Evaporated Water Rate 1.7 GPM
Maximum Water Side Pressure 150 PSIG
Dimensions (L x W x H) 25’ x 8’ 10’6”
Total Shipping Weight 8,370lbs
Total Operating Weight 15,590lbs
Mounted Skid
Special Package Options Starter Panel w/100’ Cable, 0F Ambient Operation (12kW heater package)

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