600 CFM Rental Air Scrubber | Predator

Categories: Air Scrubbers & Negative Air Machines
Model: Predator 600
Manufacturer: Abatement Technologies

Mobile Airs Portable HEPA ready Air Filtration Systems provides high volume air exchanges required in abatement, dust control, and air scrubbing on large job sites contaminated by airborne pollutants. These lightweight and portable Negative Air Machines and Air Scrubbers produce up to 2000 CFM of filtered air movement to efficiently improve indoor air quality in: healthcare facilities, schools, hospitality venues, construction sites, and light industrial applications.

Developed to improve IAQ, HEPA filters effectively remove contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, mold and sub-micron sized dust. HEPA filters capture 0.3 microns and larger at a 99.97% rate.

• Variable speed airflow, with maximum rated airflow as high as 600cfm
• Ultra-compact, light weight cabinetry, integral ergonomic lift handle and perfect weight balance
• Roto-molded body components are made from UL94HP flame retardant resin with EPA-registered microbial growth and UV inhibitors
• Safely daisy-chain up to five units on one 15 amp circuit
• “Zero Bypass” cabinet design
• Easy access for fast pre-filter and HEPA filter replacement
• The PRED600 has been independently tested and certified in accordance with applicable UL and CSA safety requirements

Unit Title 600 CFM Rental Air Scrubber | Predator
Make Abatement Technologies
Model Predator 600
Type Air Scrubber
CFM 200-600
HEPA filter size 16″x16″x6″
Power 120 VAC
Amps FLA 2 A
Circuit Size 12 A
Duct Ø” 10″
Length 24″
Width 18″
Height 20″
Weight 35 lbs
dBA 65

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