Direct-Fired Heater Rental

Direct-Fired Heaters: Simple & Efficient

For projects where air quality isn’t an issue, Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ direct-fired heater selection (see below) offers a simple and efficient option that gets the job done. As typical of a direct-fired heater, the ones within our inventory use nearly all of the energy provided by the fuel source (mainly gas or propane). Not to mention, most of them are portable, allowing for easy maneuvering both in and out of spaces. These heaters range from 150,000 to 4 million BTUs and can handle the toughest and largest construction sites, warehouses, and countless other applications.

Mobile Air & Power Rental’s direct-fired heater rental selection includes 15 fired heaters to choose from. Take a look below.

Which Direct Heater is Right for You?

It mainly depends on the application and how much heating power is required. But of course, Mobile Air & Power Rentals is available to assist you in making the appropriate selection. Simply give us a call at 888-305-3038.


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