Indirect-Fired Heater Rental

Indirect-Fired Heaters: Air Quality Conscious

Mobile Air & Power Rentals is prepared to provide temporary heating solutions for almost any application or circumstance. In fact, there are certain applications or circumstances where an indirect-fired heater is most appropriate. For instance, air quality requirements may prohibit the use of our direct-fired heaters due to their byproducts of combustion. Luckily, a rental indirect-fired heater exhausts unwanted flames and, therefore, is more suitable for adhering to air quality standards. Our indirect heaters range from 400,000 to 4.2 million BTUs, meaning there’s no job that’s too large for us to handle.

Mobile Air & Power Rental’s IF Heater rental selection includes 18 fired heaters to choose from. Take a look below.


It mainly depends on the application and how much heating power is required. But of course, Mobile Air & Power Rentals is available to assist you in making the appropriate selection. Simply give us a call at 888-305-3038.