To New Levels and Beyond: American Spot Cooling Innovates a Solution for Drying Hemp Biomass

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As medicinal and recreational cannabis becomes legalized in more and more states, the overall popularity of cannabis, as well as related business opportunities, continues to grow. One such opportunity within the cannabis industry is the sale of biomass, or harvested organic material. Whether for use as fibre, fuel, or for CBD extraction, hemp biomass is proving to be an increasingly robust business venture for those who grow, process, and utilize the product.

That said, the endeavor is not without its difficulties. One business in the Gulf region, which processes harvested hemp in preparation for use as biomass, needed a temporary drying solution for the warehouse where their hemp is hung and dried. Normally their hemp is naturally dried on its own, but a busy season made it necessary to accelerate the drying process. Knowing that it was critical to choose a partner who could design and install an innovative solution like no other, the business called on American Spot Cooling to help them out.

Although the hemp biomass sold from this processing plant can be used for numerous applications, its quality needed to be suitable for CBD extraction. This means drying the product to a specific moisture content that produces the most oil during the extraction process. As of right now, most leaders in the rental equipment industry are scrambling to find the standard for hemp drying solutions, but American Spot Cooling is known to think outside the box and find the right solution, which is why we got the call. One of our drying specialists designed a unique solution for the warehouse that was powered by our rental generators. Once the rental HVAC equipment was prepared and loaded onto trucks, two installers punched in the coordinates of the plant and set out to install ASC’s industry-leading drying solution.

After a day of installation, the warehouse was equipped with the right combination of machines to provide ideal atmospheric conditions for producing the desired moisture content in the biomass. The processing plant used the rental drying solution for about a month and a half, long enough to prove that ASC’s design had worked just the way it was planned.

By Sebastian Kopacz