Air Scrubbers and COVID-19: How MAPR Can Provide an Extra Line of Defense

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As the first month of 2021 comes to a close, the COVID-19 pandemic is still the preeminent issue that’s affecting each and every person’s life right now. At this point, many people’s eyes are glued to the news feed for any updates on the rollout of vaccines, and thus, updates on when this may all be over. But while the end of the pandemic may somewhat be in sight, it will still be several months before we can return to any kind “normalcy” we enjoyed before it all started. Until then, it important to take precautions wherever possible to limit the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. For most people this means practicing social distancing, wearing a mask in public spaces, disinfecting your hands and frequently touched surfaces, and other measures recommended by the CDC. For business owners, facility managers, and other individuals in charge of maintaining public buildings, however, there are additional considerations to be made in maintaining the indoor air quality of their buildings. This is where Mobile Air & Power Rentals is ready to help.

The issue lies with how the virus is transmitted between people, as well as how large HVAC systems usually work. According to the CDC, a majority of the disease appears to be spread through droplet transmission. This occurs when an infected person produces respiratory droplets that can latch onto nearby people and cause an infection. These droplets tend to be larger in relative size and don’t tend to travel very far. However, the CDC has also identified airborne transmission as a possible means of spread. In this case, the term “airborne” specifically refers to particles that travel much farther and linger in the air for much longer than the droplets responsible for droplet transmission. This means that some viroids can remain suspended in the air and infect people long after the infected person has left the space. Spaces that suffer a lack of adequate ventilation are especially risky, since they allow the potential build-up of airborne particles.

When it comes to occupied public spaces where disease spread can easily occur, it’s all the more important to consider the quality and design of a building’s HVAC system. One potential issue can immediately be identified: air filtration. Larger buildings have HVAC systems with filters, but usually they filter air before it is distributed throughout the building. They do not filter recirculated air, which is where any viroid particles would be suspended. To actually reduce the potential number of viroids suspended in the air, you would have two options: increase the amount of air entering the building, which would dilute the indoor air but increase heating or cooling costs, or filter whatever air is being recirculated throughout the building. If you’re in favor of the less energy-intensive option, then MAPR is your best bet for implementing a temporary ventilation solution.

Part of Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ wide range of products is our line of rental air scrubbers. In essence, air scrubbers are like rugged fans that pass air through at least one filter. Our units have capacities up to 2,000 CFM and all have HEPA filters, which filter particles the size of SARS-Cov-2 viroids. With the right design and implementation, a rental air scrubber solution from MAPR can help reduce the risk of transmission that’s directly a result of poor ventilation conditions. In addition to supplying the equipment, our teams of engineers, sales representatives, and technicians have the expertise to assess complex HVAC systems and to install supplemental ventilation in accordance with technical guidelines provided by the CDC and ASHRAE. When you partner with us, you’re putting a difficult but important task into the hands of our experts. Air scrubbers are no magic bullet, and certainly don’t eliminate the need to practice other precautions outlined by the CDC, but they are a legitimate means of making your indoor space safer for its occupants. Contact Mobile Air & Power Rentals to learn more about our services.