Cool Tech Made in Cool Rooms: American Spot Cooling & Power Rental Helps Boston Continue Innovating

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Boston is one of the world’s leading tech cities, featuring innovative firms like Boston Dynamics and educational institutions such as MIT. However, even the brightest minds in the world can’t work at their best when equipment and room temperatures get too hot! Such is the case for one engineering co-op, where tech innovators work on projects like NASA space suits and advanced robots.

Unfortunately, the company is located in a rather poorly air conditioned brick loft, where the electronic assembly room becomes excessively hot during the summer. The high rise isn’t an inviting site for HVAC installations — two 12 inch openings in the building are all that’s available for ducting, whereas equipment ducts are usually a minimum of 20 inches. For this reason, other rental spot cooling companies turned down this job; but where others saw a problem not worth dealing with, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental found a challenge in proving its ability to always find a solution.

The site is rather small, thus only requiring a single 5-ton air conditioning unit. One technician spends a few hours every year installing a rental air conditioner at the loft, but even a job that seems simple has its challenges. To manage the building’s ducting restriction, a splitter converts the cooler’s 20 inch port into two 12 inch ports, just small enough for two ducts to fit through the openings. The employees also disfavor emptying condensate tanks, so a 50 foot hose runs partly through the ceiling to the nearest drain. Once installed, the unit operates for the entire summer. Thanks to ASCAPR’s commitment to never saying no to a problem, the tech firm relies on us each year for their cooling needs.