MAPR’s Transformers and Cables Provide Protection for Power Distribution Applications

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When it comes to power transmission, transformers play a critical role. From buildings, homes, and industrial applications, to temporary power needs and emergency situations, transformers are commonly utilized to safely distribute and regulate power. With the help of our strategic partners, Mobile Air and Power Rentals provides temporary power solutions nationwide, including ancillary products like transformers and cables. In the following, we will take a closer look at what these products are and how they can assist with various jobs. 

What is a transformer?

A transformer is a passive electrical device that transfers electrical energy from one AC current to one or more other circuits. These can be used to either “step up” or increase voltage levels, or to “step down” or decrease the voltage levels between the circuits. For example, a transformer can take high-voltage electricity with a small current and change it to low-voltage electricity with a large current. Conversely, it can take low-voltage electricity with a large current and transform it to high-voltage electricity with a small current.  By doing so, the transformers do not affect the total power provided, and help improve the safety and efficiency of power systems. 

Where are transformers typically used?

Where you have alternating current electricity, or AC electricity, transformers can be found. From low-voltage devices like doorbells, appliances, and electronic devices, to the use of transformers by large utility companies, these units have a wide range of applications and use cases. When it comes to temporary power needs, transformers can also be used to raise the voltage of electric generators in order to transmit power over long distances. 

What are the command types of transformers used in commercial applications and buildings?

Transformers are a key piece of equipment in commercial and industrial buildings. There are a few main types of transformers that are seen and used in these applications:


  • Substation transformers
  • Primary unit substation transformers
  • Secondary unit substation transformers
  • Network transformers
  • Pad-mounted transformers
  • Indoor distribution transformers

How does MAPR and our strategic partners use transformers?

As a leader in temporary power equipment rentals, our team has worked closely with strategic partners to implement transformers at a variety of projects. As an example, many emergency or planned outage situations utilize our generators to provide necessary, short-term power on site. In many cases, we work with our partners to then provide a transformer and the correct cabling on site to provide a level of protection and safety to the power distribution. This can include the use of medium or high voltage cabling that is both indoor and outdoor rated. 


In another application example, Mobile Air and Power Rentals provides chillers to a project that are expected to run for months on end. In these cases, our strategic partner will figure out and provide the best transformer to help power these chillers over this longer time frame. The transformer is then connected to the utility feed via cabling. In turn, clients save money on the cost of fuel to run the chillers for an extended period of time. 


As you see, transformers will continue to play a vital role in the safe operations of power distribution throughout many applications. Mobile Air and Power Rentals, alongside our valuable and strategic partners, can help deliver the power solution both safely and cost-effectively. Whether there is a need for generators, transformers, transfer switches, and cables, our experienced team can bring forth a knowledgeable and actionable plan quickly.