Get Rid of Data Center Cooling Issues Once and For All: How Can MAPR Help Keep Your Data Center Operational?

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Data center cooling is the process that ensures ideal temperatures in a data center facility so that all equipment functions properly within that necessary temperature range. The main goal of data center cooling is to transfer the heat from inside the room to the outside, away from the vital hardware and equipment. This is achieved through air cooling and/or a form of data center liquid cooling, or water cooling methods.

Acting as the backend brains of the internet, data centers house computing and networking equipment that collect, store, and process incredible amounts of data. As technology and cloud computing rapidly evolve, the amount of storage, computing power, and on-demand computer system resources that data centers are using is sharply increasing. Over the past few years, high performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI), gaming, and the Internet of Things (IoT), are placing higher demands on data center cooling systems.

With processors emitting more heat and as power consumption grows, data center cooling methods must evolve. The combination of more demanding computers and equipment in restricted spaces can make temperature control a challenging feat. As a result, a data center business continuity plan is critical for data center managers to help minimize or eliminate operational issues, such as a data center power failure.

One such threat that can cause unexpected shutdowns and costly damage to data centers is excessive heat. As an example, during heat waves and sweltering summer temperatures, data centers are prone to rising temperatures or blackouts and may require emergency data center cooling. This is due to the combination of outside heat and humidity as well as internal heat generated by the hardware itself. At times, supplemental cooling will be required to regulate and control the temperature in these rooms.

Another challenge that data centers encounter are power outages and scheduled HVAC outages. These outages may require immediate attention as the HVAC system is inoperable. In these cases, portable coolers for data center temperature management can be deployed quickly to eliminate potential damages. Additionally, data centers may need to replace or repair servers or other equipment, causing heavier loads and heat on the existing hardware.

These types of disruptions affect operations and become extremely costly to the bottom line if a data center cooling plan is not managed correctly. Luckily, data center cooling and the associated costs can be managed effectively using a reliable and trusted partner. Mobile Air & Power Rentals specializes in portable air conditioning rentals and fail-safe spot cooling system rentals for server rooms and data centers.

Our cooling solutions will regulate data center temperatures and vary in both size and power. For example, smaller spot coolers, like the one-ton units, can be positioned and moved easily for changing needs and temporary cooling within data centers. Having the portability to move a cooling unit to any hot spots or areas of need make it a popular choice for data center managers. On the other hand, our larger air conditioners, such as the 10 ton rental air conditioners, can assist with quickly cooling even the largest data center facilities. Regardless of your situation, we work closely with your team to ensure your data center remains operational.

Mobile Air & Power Rentals, with over 30 locations nationwide, helps keep businesses and data centers large and small operative. With a versatile fleet of rental air conditioners, rental chillers, and rental cooling towers, our team is prepared to install a data center cooling solution to meet your challenge and specific needs. Whether you are proactively planning for or have an unexpected and immediate need, our friendly team is ready to help. Contact us today or call 888-305-3038 to discuss your data center cooling questions.

Wondering how our power rentals can help with your data center contingency planning and operations? Stay tuned for our upcoming post to learn more!