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Business facilities and other commercial property are prone to suffer damages from natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances. When these unfortunate situations arise, emergency restoration services and construction restoration will most likely be required. MAPR’s speciality restoration division is equipped at all of our locations nationwide with 24/7/365 emergency service available to help get you back in operation quickly.

Common Causes Of Property Damage

Let’s take a look at the basics of restoration services and construction restoration and how MAPR can help in these cases. When it comes to property damage that requires restoration services and construction related restoration, the most common causes include:

Natural disasters (such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes) are known to cause structural damage, power outages, and equipment failures.
Fires, whether or not they are wild, are a major culprit of damage to buildings as they can adversely affect HVAC equipment, structural integrity, and unworkable conditions.
Water damage and mold (caused by flooding and burst pipes), will wreak havoc on operations and require a swift response by an experienced team. Mold is potentially dangerous and has to be eradicated as soon as possible to restore operations.
Equipment failures are another common reason that facilities require restoration services.
These unimaginable events, in many cases, happen suddenly and unexpectedly. As a result, it can be difficult to deal with. Commercial restoration planning is one proactive approach that will help your team be best prepared to effectively handle these situations. Having a plan and processes in place will allow you to quickly address damages and minimize losses. Mobile Air & Power Rentals can assist with not only the recovery process but also with the planning and preparations ahead of time.

Restoration Services and Construction Restoration Equipment

Prompt restoration is crucial for any business that encounters property damage for a number of reasons. First, the on-going costs associated with operational delays can be staggering. Also, securing and properly restoring operations on site is required before employees can safely return to work and to prevent further damage. Additionally, protecting important documents and belongings must be handled properly. Between the damage to structural components, to damage to your equipment, furniture, and other office supplies, there may be countless things to tackle.

Depending on the type of damage that takes place, MAPR offers numerous restoration equipment solutions. Our rental dehumidifiers and air movers are commonly seen at water damage restorations, whether they are caused by a hurricane, flooding, or burst pipes. The dehumidifiers are also implemented in areas of mold, to draw out the moisture quickly.

In many emergencies, our rental generators provide much needed power when it is disrupted on site. Power loss is a common occurrence during natural disasters, fires, and water damage situations. Other power related equipment includes fuel tanks, transformers, and spider boxes. These power solutions can restore services for small facilities to entire office buildings. Depending on the season, our rental cooling and heating systems are often needed in addition to the power equipment, as a loss of power adversely affects HVAC systems.

Mobile Air & Power Rentals Knows Restoration

As you can see, emergency restoration requires a knowledgeable team and rapid response to minimize operational loss and revenues. Whether you suffered damage from storms, smoke, fire, or water, Mobile Air & Power Rental’s expert staff is ready 24/7/365 to provide power and climate controlling services. Our versatile line-up of rental dehumidifiers, generators, heaters, and air conditioning solutions nationwide will ensure your business recovers in a timely and cost effective manner. Give us a call at 888-305-3038 or contact us here to go over your restoration service requests.