In the Face of Texas Heat, There’s No Room for Inadequate Cooling Systems

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When it comes to high summer temperatures, it is only a matter of time before buildings with poor air conditioning begin to feel less like a shelter from the elements and more like a furnace. In many instances where high indoor temperatures threaten the basic safety and comfort of a building’s occupants, workers unions often have to step in and threaten to strike or to clear out a building entirely. This was the case with one government building in Texas, which was cleared out due to complaints from the employees’ union. Until the building received adequate cooling, it could not yet be occupied again. In turn, the property owner that leased the building decided to add more chillers to the cooling system. The contractor they hired discovered that the preexisting chiller was in bad shape and needed fixing, requiring a lengthy renovation for the property owner. Thankfully, they knew just who to call for a rental cooling solution in the meantime.

Once the team of three installers arrived at the government building, the job ahead of them was clear: install a 100-ton chiller as well as the power cable, hoses, and other equipment needed to support the unit. However, it was not exactly going to be easy: with the rental chiller stationed on the ground and the permanent chiller located on the rooftop, the only way they could tie into the cooling system was to pipe the chilled water supply up the side of the three-story building. Aside from the chilled water hoses, the only other thing needed to complete the temporary cooling solution was to connect the chiller to power. Thankfully, a power source was located on the same side of the building as the chiller, and the team finished the entire installation within six hours. With the solution installed, it is expected to remain in place for at least a month and a half after the date of installation.

Thanks to Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ ability to provide reliable equipment and customized rental solutions, the government building was made suitable for occupation while the permanent chiller system received a renovation.

By Sebastian Kopacz