500 Ton Air-Cooled Chillers Help Organic Herb Farm Keep Underground Water Storage Tanks Cold

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As the agriculture industry adapts new technologies and methods to deal with global warming, droughts, water shortages, and other challenges, certain farms and businesses are leading the way. When a grow farm from Finland that produces 100% organic herbs for Whole Foods, Publix, and others in Florida reached out with a need, we were anxious to assist.

In the Southwestern Florida heat and humidity, a greenhouse, about the size of a soccer field, is producing up to 1.5 million pounds of healthy greens each year. This controlled environment agriculture business uses recycled rainwater and condensation from the plants to provide the necessary water to seedlings and plants. This method takes 95% less water to keep the plants growing and harvested than traditional farming methods. In addition, most harvests are ready in under one month’s time, keeping suppliers and grocery store customers happy with fresh produce.

In order to make this sustainable venture successful, one key component is the storage of the collected rainwater. As many know, Florida receives more rainfall each year than most other states but it is notorious for its heat and high humidity levels. When the organic farm built their facility and greenhouse, two 30,000 gallon ground water storage tanks were added to collect and hold the water that then is used to grow the produce. However, temperature control proved to be an issue as the underground tanks and water were becoming too hot.

Being they are from Finland and have not established the necessary financial credit in the U.S., purchasing a cooling solution was not an option. The team on site knew they needed to cool the water and was looking for a temporary, two to three year fix in the form of rentals. As a result, our Mobile Air & Power Rentals team fielded the call and jumped at the opportunity to quickly solve the problem at hand so that the farm could keep producing its products.

After an initial conversation and site visit, it was determined that two of our York 500 ton air-cooled along with extra skid mounted pumps would get the job done. In short, the air-cooled chillers absorb the heat from the water and transfer that heat out, cooling and lowering the temperature. The pumps pull the water from the in-ground tanks to the chillers, cooling the water to the necessary levels for the farm to operate efficiently.

With a competitive quote and quick delivery timeline, we were given the go-ahead to deliver the equipment and have it installed on site. Once it arrived on location, our skilled technicians worked efficiently to put the plan in action. The chillers were positioned adjacent to the greenhouse and the pumps were connected to the tanks supply lines to finish the installation. Once completed, the organic greenhouse had an instant supply of appropriately cooled water that the plants and management team appreciated. Our rapid response allowed the farm to avoid serious operational delays, saving time and money in the long run.

As you can see, Mobile Air & Power Rentals can assist within the agricultural industry, including organic farming operations. With temporary solutions that include generators, industrial cooling systems, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and more, we welcome your specific requests and are happy to assist. Our problem-solving team accepts challenges of all types and thrives on creating cost-effective solutions. Additionally, our 24/7, 365 Day emergency services help reduce those operational downtimes and minimize overall costs.