Rental Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are an integral part of many applications that produce waste heat, such as large-scale cooling and various industrial manufacturing processes. There’s always a worry that a facility’s chiller or air handler may break down, but commercial cooling towers are just as exposed to the threat of natural disaster or breakdown and need to be considered. Mobile Air & Power Rentals offers a variety of rental cooling towers for just about any industrial or commercial application. Our rental cooling towers are available in up to 750 tons of cooling capacity, so even the largest applications can utilize a cooling tower solution from MAPR.

While they are only one part of an integrated cooling system, cooling towers are just as important as other components. When a water-cooled chiller absorbs heat, it eventually transfers the thermal energy to a stream of water that leads to a cooling tower. The cooling tower exposes the water to the atmosphere, where ambient temperatures and evaporation help cool the water down. The cooled water then returns to the chiller where it can absorb more heat. Cooling towers act as the last step in removing heat from an object or space and rejecting it into the outside environment, so a unit breakdown can bring cooling operations to a screeching halt. In these cases, a rental cooling tower from a solutions provider like Mobile Air & Power Rentals can save the day and keep operations going while repair or replacement is underway. MAPR is especially prepared to restore cooling quickly thanks to our 24/7 emergency service.

Rental cooling towers can also be used for a host of applications outside of emergencies. In some cases, cooling systems temporarily need supplemental cooling capacity, and other times a rental cooling tower is a great way to test a system before a permanent unit is ordered. However, no matter the application, size, or duration of your temporary cooling tower solution, Mobile Air & Power Rentals is prepared to meet your exact needs.


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