The Top Industries That Benefit From Modular Industrial Boilers

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When it comes to safety, efficiency and reliability, modular industrial steam boilers fit the bill for many facilities. In use since the 1980s, numerous industries are realizing the benefits that these systems can provide over their larger boiler system counterparts. The high pressure output, compact design, and low energy consumption are attractive for a variety of operations. In addition, these modular units allow facilities to install several smaller boilers versus one large boiler. 


With that being said, which industries use modular industrial boilers? Here are the top industries and facilities that are benefiting from their use:

Education Facilities and College Campuses

From K-12 educational facilities to college and university campuses, high efficiency industrial boilers help keep students and staff comfortable in a reliable and efficient manner. With around the clock operations, college campuses and some educational facilities require a large capacity of steam. These needs fluctuate during seasons, school breaks, and at various times of the day. Modular industrial boilers allow these facilities to efficiently meet these ever changing demands while conserving fuel costs.

Food and Beverage Production Facilities

High efficiency industrial boilers are commonplace in the food and beverage industries. These facilities must adhere to strict standards as they are preparing products, requiring a sterile and controlled environment. Modular boilers assist with providing the necessary hot water or steam when and only when it is required. The ability to turn off the boilers at any time makes operations more efficient. 

Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

One industry that has adapted the use of modular industrial boilers is healthcare. From healthcare campuses and facilities, to the largest hospitals, these units provide a complete solution to facilitate patient care and overall operations. When dealing with operating rooms, laundry facilities, cafeterias, and other similar environments, reliable steam power helps conserve fuel and save space while meeting their unique demands. 

Distilleries and Breweries

To brew and distill the tasty beers that many enjoy, boilers are required to provide hot water as part of these processes. Over the past decade, smaller craft breweries have exploded throughout the country and the use of large boiler systems is not ideal for their particular needs. The smaller modular sized boilers help with sterilization and pasteurization while taking up little space. For larger facilities, modular units are still an attractive option due to their compact design and energy efficiency.

Manufacturing Facilities

Hot water and steam power are critical components at many manufacturing facilities. For example, automotive manufacturers rely on steam to produce parts and components like rubber tires and carbon fiber. Many times, these needs change on a product-by-product basis. Modular industrial boilers are advantageous in these situations, as they can better handle various demands and shifting requirements. 

Commercial Laundry Facilities

Commercial laundry facilities oftentimes prefer modular boiler systems as an alternative to larger boilers. Compact sizes, along with the ability to easily switch the modular boilers on and off during specific operations save time and money while improving overall efficiency. Because of their ongoing requirements of hot water and steam to clean large amounts of laundry for clients, energy consumption and output are critical to operations. 


As you can see, modular boilers are working hard behind the scenes to help a variety of industries perform their day to day tasks. Besides the industries outlined above, many others are also benefiting from modular industrial boilers. As companies put more emphasis on their environmental impacts and ways to reduce their footprints and costs, these units will continue to gain steam. 


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