If Cooling Equipment Is Holding Back a Facility Opening, Mobile Air & Power Rentals Will Fill in the Gap

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As we know all too well, sometimes construction projects seem to take forever to complete. However, there are also times when construction projects are finished well ahead of schedule. If most of a building’s construction is finished, and the only thing preventing completion is something minor such as the delivery of cooling equipment, it can be excruciating to have to wait those final weeks. When two new shipping centers of a world-renowned retailer were all but finished and ready for operation, they tasked their mechanical contractor with providing the facilities with cooling as soon as possible. It would take weeks to have the permanent cooling equipment delivered, so the contractor looked to Mobile Air & Power Rentals to provide a temporary cooling solution.


The two shipping centers, about an hour away from each other in Illinois, each had several truck bays that could serve as entry points for cooling ventilation. A sales representative had determined that each site would make use of numerous 25-ton air conditioners, 17 at one location and 8 at the other. A team of five installers spent a couple of days at each site, finishing quickly with the help of the mechanical contractor.


Since the job had to be semi-permanent, however, the customer wanted to use a durable material for the ducting panels in the bay doors instead of something like plywood boards. Thankfully the mechanical contractor knew exactly how to help. They fabricated sheet metal panels for the bay doors, allowing the ducting to be secured in place in order to provide the shipping center with cooling. The panels were so useful that MAPR purchased them for use on later projects. Although aggressive storms blew some of the ducts off at one location for a couple of days, the temporary cooling solution otherwise served the shipping centers perfectly for the duration of the job. Both sites needed the rental coolers for about two months, allowing the company to begin providing their excellent services well ahead of schedule. When both the customer and their mechanical contractor needed a rental cooling company that they could depend on, Mobile Air & Power Rentals was more than ready to answer their call.