When Cannabis Growers Depend on Proper Cooling, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental Has Them Covered

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Every bud of cannabis sold at a dispensary is fine-tuned by growers to provide the best possible product for customers. Behind the scenes, curing is one of the final steps growers perform before the product is ready to ship off to dispensaries. Curing helps increase the potency and flavor of cannabis, and can make the difference between flower that is subpar and flower that delivers a powerful high with a great taste.

Last year, one of the largest growers in Arizona had installed a new curing chamber for their facility when they received bad news: the installation of their chiller system was six weeks behind schedule. They would not be able to properly cure their product without adequate temperature control, so the grower called on American Spot Cooling & Power Rental to quickly provide a temporary cooling solution.

A Sales Representative visited the site to size out the curing chamber and engineered a proper cooling solution. Then came time for a turnkey install of the rental cooling equipment. Everything had to be planned out perfectly: several hours from Phoenix and far from any hardware store, preparation would be key for a smooth installation. Two technicians installed a 100-ton air chiller and two 40-ton air handlers within a day, although spatial limitations made it feel like much longer. Moving a 10,000+ pound chiller into the tight space of the curing chamber was no easy feat. It required the skillful operation of two forklifts and perhaps the world’s largest supply of patience.

Once the rental chillers and air handlers were installed, however, the grower was able to proceed with curing and deliver a product that met their standards. Thanks to American Spot Cooling & Power Rental’s ability to overcome any challenge, the grower’s remote location and tight chamber spacing were no match for the skills of our installation team.