American Spot Cooling & Power Rental Gives a Little Boost to Some Produce in Need

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Whether you have noticed or not, the produce that is sold both whole and processed at grocery stores is typically the best that is available to American consumers. Between sorting out quality fruit and vegetables at harvest, transportation, and more, there is much that goes on to ensure that shoppers have access to fresh and delicious produce. One facility in Texas, which processes and cuts up to 75,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables a day, is very much a part of the journey from farm to home. So when their current refrigeration system failed to keep their produce coolers at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they looked to American Spot Cooling & Power Rental for supplemental cooling.

A representative visited the facility and engineered a solution based on the qualities of the building and the preexisting equipment, as well as the conditions that needed to be met. A mechanical contractor was hired to install the equipment, and four of their technicians spent three days on the install. A single 125-ton air-cooled chiller, one 50 kVA generator, and a few air handlers were used to bring the produce down to 40 degrees. Any temperature higher than that would risk the produce losing its freshness and even beginning to break down before it hit store shelves.

The rental generator and chiller is expected to be in use until December, essentially until the milder temperatures of fall reduce the strain on the facility’s cooling system. Until then workers can cut strawberries and pineapples in peace, knowing they won’t give their consumers a fermented surprise.