How ASCAPR Brought the POWER to SuperFest 2020

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Each year in the United States, the Super Bowl is without a doubt the most watched television broadcast. The event is so widely enjoyed that the Super Bowl has become a sort of unofficial holiday. This year in Miami Gardens, celebrations extended beyond the official event itself, with two separate events being held at the same venue space during Super Bowl weekend.

From Thursday to Saturday night, one event showcased Miami’s rich culture by hosting a festival with musical performances, art, food, and more. On Sunday, the same event area featured a pregame tailgate party, where notable chefs, active NFL players, celebrities, and other guests celebrated before the big game. Thanks to American Spot Cooling & Power Rentals’ ability to provide reliable rental solutions, we had the fortune of providing power for both events.

The first event required quite a good deal of equipment: between tents, food trailers, the main stage, and several smaller stages, the ASCAPR install team had plenty of work ahead of them. Each area needed power and power distribution, and separate feeds were required for lighting and audio equipment. Three technicians and a sales representative spent four days installing a total of 1,470-kVA of power, tons of power cable, and plenty of panels. The install was straightforward, although the team had to be flexible and responsive to the customer’s changing needs.

Once the rental generators were installed, the party was ready to get started on Thursday. In order to maintain proper function of the rental equipment, operators remained on site for the duration of the event. Then came Saturday night, which marked the end of the first event and a countdown to the next one. Before the pregame tailgate began, installers had to tear down the rental power setup and once again install another. This time, it required only 670-kVA of power and the accompanying power distribution equipment.

The installation was finished in time for the tailgate, and an operator kept it running during the event. By Monday evening, everything was broken down and on its way back to our facilities. With a dedicated and flexible team, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental provided the sideline support that let Miami Gardens score a weekend of Super Bowl celebrations.

By Sebastian Kopacz