Determining the Capacity Requirements for Rental Portable Generators

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Winter increases the need for supplemental and emergency power-generation support. Around the country, no matter where your business is stationed, severe weather can be a constant threat. Smart business owners understand that power outages related to storms are a constant threat and that rental generators are an affordable and smart element to power supply contingency planning.

In all types of industrial settings, precise and consistent environmental controls can become a challenge, especially in the winter. In construction, setting and curing processes require specific temperature and humidity control, data centers and industrial equipment require the same. The fixed HVAC system can’t deliver those requirements without power.

Where to go next? What size portable generator do I need? Here are five steps to point you in the right direction:

  • Decide which equipment must have power all at once. Include lighting, HVAC systems, portable heaters, lifts, and other critical equipment to sustain your business operations.
  • Determine the running watts and surge watts of all equipment. Running watts is a measurement of the number of watts an appliance consumes when it’s running; surge watts is the high initial “surge” of energy required to turn its motor on or off.
  • Select the device with the HIGHEST surge watt requirement.
  • Add the device with the highest watt requirement to the number of total running watts. For example the HVAC system has the highest starting or surge watt requirement of 2000 watts, and the total running watts for all equipment is 4500. The sum of the highest watt requirement plus total running watts is 6500. This is the total minimum wattage requirement your business needs when renting a portable generator.

Contact Mobile Air & Power Rentals for help and information, we make this process easy.