Exorbitant Lead Times in Manufacturing Make Equipment Rentals a Wise Choice

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As supply chain issues affect industries of all sizes and scope worldwide, product manufacturers and their customers are also feeling the effects. As delays at the ports are causing issues with having the necessary parts to produce and manufacture goods, many suppliers and their end customers are running into excessive lead times for the equipment that they require. As a result, many are weighing the pros and cons of waiting out these long lead times or renting versus buying equipment instead.


As air conditioners, cooling towers, chillers, heaters, dehumidifiers, generators, power distribution, and similar equipment are required for construction, building maintenance, and projects, oftentimes waiting for many weeks or months to receive the units is not an option. Many projects must stick to a budget, schedule, and timelines which requires each piece of the puzzle to fit into place when they are needed. Delays in receiving equipment not only causes a ripple effect on the scheduling, it is also costly and can adversely affect budgets. 


Because of this, short and long term equipment rental is often the best solution during these days of manufacturing industry delays. Mobile Air & Power Rentals is an industry leader in short and long term equipment rentals nationwide and has a large fleet to quickly deliver. Our trained technicians assist with the set up and implementation of the rented units and have years of experience to solve any challenges at hand. 


Short-term vs. long-term equipment rentals

Whether your project requires a quick, short-term equipment rental or an extended rental for many months, there are numerous options available. Our daily, weekly, and monthly rentals will fill the need and meet your budget requirements. 


Why rent equipment long-term? As an example, some clients of ours utilize our long-term equipment rentals when the purchase of their products is excessively delayed by manufacturers. Instead of delaying the schedules or halting the project all together, this provides a temporary fix until the equipment is manufactured and delivered. Simply choose the necessary equipment, sign the long-term contract or agreement, and our technicians will deliver and install on site. For others, renting long-term even proves to be a better choice than purchasing, due to cash flow and other tax related reasons. 


Why rent equipment short-term? In many cases where manufacturing delays occur, the wait time may be a few days or weeks longer than anticipated. Rather than waiting for it to be delivered and ready on site, many projects or facilities must rent for the time being to keep operations running and minimize delays. As an example, if a hotel requires a new HVAC system due to failure beyond reasonable repair, they do not have an option to wait until the purchased equipment is available days, weeks, or months down the road. To keep guests happy and comfortable, a short-term rental of the HVAC equipment can keep operations going until the new pieces are available for the permanent installation. 


Because of situations like this, oftentimes equipment rentals are a wise choice. As these are just a few instances that are commonly seen, other manufacturing lead time issues are cropping up, causing long and short-term equipment rentals to fill the gaps. Regardless of the problems that arise with the purchasing delays, Mobile Air & Power Rentals will be your trusted team to get you through the delays and uncertainty. With 24/7 service, a nationwide fleet of equipment, and trained technicians ready to serve you at a moment’s notice, we know how to overcome these challenges. 


If you are dealing with exorbitant and unexpected lead times from equipment manufacturers, give us a call at 888-305-3038 to discuss the best alternative plan that will keep your operations going.