Heat and Construction Productivity: How to Keep Your Winter Project on Schedule

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It goes without saying that deadlines can make or break the profitability of a construction project. Each day spent behind schedule is another day of costs eating away at the project’s profits, and these costs can impact a contractor far beyond the scope of a single job. Construction during the winter faces especially difficult challenges due to the impact that cold weather can have on overall productivity.

If you’ve ever tried to send a text or perform a precise task with freezing hands, then you already have some idea of the challenges that construction workers face in cold weather. Simply put, cold hands and cold bodies do not work as efficiently as they might in milder temperatures. Over the duration of a project this inefficiency adds up to plenty of lost time between each and every worker, even if many of them decide to suffer through it and do as much work as they can anyways.

One countermeasure that’s commonly used to limit this productivity loss is the use of portable heaters throughout the jobsite, but this task is not without its own challenges. Contractors that choose to purchase their own units are now responsible for maintaining the units over their product life, storing them somewhere during warmer months, and handling any breakdown on their own.

They’re also stuck with what they purchased. If a contractor’s units are too small or too large for any given jobsite, well, that’s just too bad for them. However, some contractors see these challenges as not much better than dealing with cold weather on its own, and instead they look to an easier alternative: rental heat solutions.

When reaching out to a temporary solutions provider such as Mobile Air & Power Rentals, these contractors save themselves the headache of managing equipment by letting the experts do all the work. Our sales team can design a customized heating solution depending on the exact needs of the job, and only use however much heating capacity is needed, no more and no less. Even better, the MAPR operations team will install, service, and break down the heating solution, leaving the contractor with more manpower to focus on the project itself.

Lost productivity due to the cold is not something that can be dismissed. After all, construction workers are only human, and they can only “ignore” freezing temperatures so much. When staying ahead of schedule is all too important, many contractors look to rental solutions providers like MAPR to keep their productivity up without breaking the bank and without having to worry over purchased equipment.

To learn more about how we can help your construction project, contact Mobile Air & Power Rentals.