Mobile Air & Power Rentals Demonstrates Its Versatility With Heat and Power Equipment to Fight the Winter

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When a contractor begins the construction of a new building, there is almost no problem that can’t be overcome by its determination to finish on time. A common issue during winter construction is cold weather, which can hinder worker productivity, safety, and even certain processes like concrete curing.

One general contractor in Baltimore faced the limitations of a harsh winter and wanted to provide heating to its job site, but there was a significant drawback preventing it from doing so: there was no 460-volt electricity supply to power heaters large enough for the site. The contractor needed more than just a company that could rent out heating equipment, it required a partner that was ready to provide everything necessary to keep construction on track. The company contacted Mobile Air & Power Rentals, who was more than willing to take on the challenge. For Mobile Air & Power Rentals, this was our first chance to showcase our new versatility since the acquisition of American Equipment Group, or AEG.

The particular needs of this contractor called for a joint venture between American Power Rental (a division of AEG) and Mobile Air & Power Rentals. Mobile provided the necessary heating equipment for the job, and American Power Rental provided the generators to power the equipment. Two technicians and two sales representatives from both divisions spent a day installing equipment for the site. Mobile Air & Power Rentals provided four direct fire heaters, two rated at one million BTU and the other two at four and a half million BTU. To power these heaters, APR brought in two 45-kVA and two 70-kVA rental generators.

With all of the equipment installed, the construction site was ready to face the worst of winter in Baltimore. The contractor used the rental heating and power solution for about five weeks, with technicians servicing the generators once during that time. Thanks to Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ ability to accommodate any circumstances, this Baltimore construction site had the turnkey service it needed to finish the project on time.

By Sebastian Kopacz