MAPR Rapidly Restores Air Conditioning Units at an Essential Government Service Building

Case Studies

Essential government service buildings are relied upon by citizens daily and must remain operable at all times. Serving taxpayers across the country, it is imperative that their staff can efficiently operate without interruptions or delays. So when an East Bridgewater, MA government facility had their HVAC system go down, our team was eager to step in and provide assistance.


Understanding the urgency, one of our account managers quickly discussed an initial diagnosis that revealed the building’s 50 ton direct expansion air conditioning unit, also called a DX unit, was no longer operating. We then provided their team with our recommended solution, which included two 25 ton DX air conditioning units, to be brought on site. These two units would provide the same power and temporary cooling that the existing, but broken 50 ton unit was producing.


They quickly gave us the go ahead, allowing us to bring the units on site in industry-leading time. Fork trucks were used to easily place the units on the ground upon arrival, but other logistics had to be taken care of to finalize the job at hand. For one, we had to hire a glazier to remove some windows that would provide access for the electrician. Next, we worked with a local electrician to help tie into the existing power in the building. 


From there, the electrician was able to run the necessary cable through the facility and back outside to power the equipment. The two ducted AC units could then be hoisted up into the removed windows to finish the installation. Finally, the glazier re-installed the removed windows to complete the job. 


With three of our trained technicians working together with the other crews, this entire process was buttoned up in just four hours. We were able to get the East Bridgewater location, and its essential employees and services, back up and running in no time. 


Our nationwide crews and expansive number of temporary cooling units help facilitate our rapid response when these situations arise. From essential government service buildings, to data centers, schools, and everything in between, our dependable staff will assist and deliver rapid solutions and expected results. Between our expertise and project management capabilities, our team is ready to assist your HVAC and power related emergencies and needs.