Vandalized Austin Texas Hotel Restored With the Help of MAPR’s Expertise

Case Studies

When Texas vandals struck an Austin hotel, the property was left with flooding that needed immediate attention. The damage caused by the vandalism left the water lines busted, and left the hired restoration company looking for a reliable partner to assist with the large project. Not only was every passing day costing the hotel money, but water damage can quickly lead to other major issues if not addressed immediately. Luckily, the Mobile Air and Power Rentals team was ready and able to provide the necessary equipment and technicians to help get the hotel’s operations back on track.


As a strategic partner of the restoration company, we are often an extension of their crew and work hand in hand to meet a client’s unique needs. Upon reaching out to us, the scale and details of the situation was presented, allowing us to quickly create a game plan. Based on the information provided, we determined that the hotel required desiccant dehumidification, air conditioning, and generators for temporary power. 


Our team of technicians quickly scheduled the delivery of the required equipment to the Austin hotel, and all arrived in a timely manner. Once on site, we were able to work through the challenges and intricacies of drying out the facility. First, our generators brought reliable, accessible, and versatile power to the hotel. This power was critical for the overall restoration, as lighting and equipment required electricity for the restoration process to proceed. 


Next, the desiccant dehumidifiers were deployed as they are often smaller, lighter, and even quieter than their compressor dehumidifier counterparts. More importantly, they are markedly more effective at removing moisture from the air. Additionally, they achieve these results in a much quicker timeframe, which is commonly seen units at similar restoration sites.


​​In conjunction with the dehumidification, our direct expansion air conditioning unit regulated and cooled the indoor temperatures. DX systems are very common in restoration projects as they use refrigerant to cool the air. One reason for this is the flexibility that these units provide. They can be located inside or outside of a building and provide precise cooling even when varying load conditions are present. 


Our skilled technicians worked alongside our restoration company partner to safely and efficiently restore operations. The combination of the generators, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners proved successful in drying out the facility to bring guests and employees back. Mobile Air and Power Rentals rapid response team, fleet of equipment, and 24/7 availability, allowed us to get quick results, saving the hotel time and money. Whether you are a restoration company looking for a strategic partner like MAPR, or a business facing a similar challenge, please reach out to chat by calling 888-305-3038.