Permanent or Temporary Cooling? Why One Company Goes for the Latter

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When you can expect the same seasonal heat to overwhelm your facility year after year, you might assume that permanently installing a new cooling system is the best option for you. This is not always the case. Take, for instance, one company that manufactures gaskets for hydroelectric equipment. Between outdoor temperatures and heat from manufacturing equipment, which includes a large oven to mold twine into basic gasket forms, the company’s plant becomes uncomfortably hot during the summer. For almost a decade, they have depended on American Spot Cooling & Power Rental to provide rental air conditioners in order to maintain a comfortable floor temperature.

The plant, which is similar in size to many big-box stores, could hypothetically be equipped with several rooftop air conditioning units. However, for a building of that scale, such an installation could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. From the manufacturer’s perspective, renting cooling equipment every summer is the preferable and more affordable option. So each year, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental delivers three five-ton and two seven and a half-ton air conditioners, ready for use. Within just a few hours, our technicians install the rental units, and the plant is once again at a suitable temperature for both the employees and equipment. The manufacturer helps with minor cleaning of the units, but any major service or off-season maintenance is performed by ASCAPR technicians.

A job such as this demonstrates the numerous advantages of temporary cooling. Not only is renting financially beneficial for the manufacturer, it also saves them the burden of servicing their own units. ASCAPR’s rental coolers also offer one substantial advantage to rooftop units: their portability means that a unit can easily be directed to spot cool a particularly hot area at any time. For the manufacturer, this flexibility is key to maintaining peak productivity, and is partly why they call on American Spot Cooling & Power Rental year after year.