Custom Electrical Distribution Solution Helps Iconic Pittsburgh Hotel’s Restoration Efforts

Case Studies

When an electrical fire broke out in the sub-basement of an 89 year old, 44 story Art-Deco skyscraper in downtown Pittsburgh, the damage quickly rendered the building unsafe for human occupancy. The five alarm blaze caused smoke to spew from the roof, as it traveled up through the ventilation system. According to fire officials, the cause was a failure of the building’s electrical systems. As part of the restoration on site, Mobile Air and Power Rentals played a critical role in the long-term effort to restore operations back to normal. 


When our team was called upon to assist, we realized that we would have to get creative designing a custom solution to deal with the challenges at hand. To start, the fire caused significant damage to the switchgear. In an electrical power system, a switchgear plays a crucial role. Composed of electrical disconnect switches, circuit breakers, or fuses, switchgears control and protect electrical equipment. Before other restoration efforts could proceed, restoring the electrical system and providing temporary power was a top priority.


Our knowledgeable staff designed a solution to provide electrical distribution to help power the highrise. We rapidly deployed twenty technicians to Pittsburgh within two days to put the plan in place. With 2 megawatts of power, the installation did not come without its challenges. As the skyscraper is located in a busy, downtown district, there was no on site parking for big and bulky equipment. Compact, industrial units that could be stationed on all floors was a must. 


The Mobile Air and Power Rentals team, with a nationwide fleet of temporary power solutions, had the right equipment for the job. The crew worked tirelessly to distribute electricity to each floor of the highrise, all within the taxing environment of a fire-damaged building. Within five days of starting, power was safely and efficiently restored to the skyscraper. Because of this prompt response, the restoration efforts were able to continue, allowing the excess of 200 people working around the clock to continue. 


The property owner has committed to bringing the building back to life, as it is home to employees from 40 tenants and various companies. Prior to the pandemic, close to 1000 people worked within on a day to day basis. Although this restoration will take many more months to complete, we were glad to play such an important role in bringing power back, the first step in a long recovery. We look forward to the day the employees re-enter the building for the first time, bringing their work routines back to a sense of normalcy. 


MAPR has the experience, equipment, and technicians to assist in restoration efforts nationwide. When you are faced with unforeseen circumstances that are directly impacting your operations and business, reach out to us at 888-305-3038. Our team is anxious to meet your needs and rapidly deploy a versatile and dependable solution.