Rental Heaters and Temporary Heating Solutions

Heating season will be here soon, are you prepared?

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold

Don’t wait until the temperatures drop to inquire about a heat solution. Plan ahead and inquire with our team to ensure that you have a solid plan in place for when freezing temperatures strike.

A Comprehensive Fleet of Heaters to Get the Job Done

Regardless of your heating challenges, MAPR’s extensive lineup of rental equipment and heating solutions will be there when you need it most. Our efficient direct-fired heaters range from 150,000 to 4 million BTUs per hour and accept multiple fuel types. The indirect-fired heaters range from 400,000 to 4.2 million BTUs per hour and electrical heating units up to 100,000 BTUs per hour. If those popular options do not meet your needs, our alternative heaters will. Our knowledgeable team will rapidly formulate the best plan to resolve your heating situation.

Custom heating solutions are designed quickly and delivered nationwide for your heat-related needs.

Our temporary heating solutions include:

  • Rental direct-fired heaters

  • Rental indirect-fired heaters

  • Rental electric heaters

  • Rental steam or hot water heaters

  • Rental ground thaw heaters

  • and miscellaneous other rental heaters

Direct Fired Heaters

Indirect Fire Heaters

Electric Heaters

Steam or Hot Water Heaters

Ready to discuss your heating challenges today? Give our rapid response team a call and we will deploy our accomplished heating technicians out in no time. Our team is available to assist 24/7/365.


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