Air Scrubbers Help Minimize Covid Outbreak at Pennsylvania Hospitals

Case Studies

Throughout the Covid pandemic, many hospitals and other healthcare industry facilities have been pushed to their limits. As numerous surges of the virus spread nationwide, ICU capacities, illness and staffing issues, and capacity limits all have caused these facilities to rethink their pandemic strategies. When one of the largest national mechanical contractors and HVAC controls company reached out to us for assistance with a large regional Pennsylvania hospital system, we jumped at the opportunity to help contain the spread and to alleviate some of the hospital’s struggles. 


As a result of a Covid surge in the region, the hospital required emergency Covid-positive patient isolation to prevent widespread outbreak throughout the facility. The hospital had limited isolation rooms and were creating “isolation wards and rooms” consisting of adjoined rooms, spaces, and former common areas. For some background, negative pressure rooms, also called isolation rooms, are a type of hospital room that keeps patients with infectious illnesses, or patients who are susceptible to infections from others, away from other patients, visitors, and healthcare staff.  By maintaining this negative pressure, an inward airflow is created, preventing contaminants from entering other areas.


These isolation rooms have proven to be an effective measure against the spread of Covid within hospitals and medical facilities. As the healthcare industry faces labor shortages and hospital staff are faced with grueling hours, proactively working to prevent Covid illness from affecting the staff has been imperative. 


Mobile Air & Power Rentals partnered with the mechanical contractor to provide negative air/HEPA filtration units based on the CFM requirements to obtain negative pressure in the space. Air scrubbers and negative air machines help remove unwanted and potentially dangerous particles from the air through a series of filters. In this instance, we equipped individual negative air machines to create over 100 negative air isolation rooms for the client. 


Working side-by-side with the mechanical contractor’s team, our trained staff and technicians were able to smoothly implement these critical isolation rooms in a timely and cost effective manner. The large regional hospital system was able to measurably minimize the spread of Covid. They utilized the isolation rooms and provided equipment for months on end while more permanent HVAC solutions could be realized through capital improvement projects. In addition, our work garnered attention from the VP of Operations at an elder care facility nearby. As a result, we implemented a similar program in over 60 of their elder care facilities throughout Ohio and PA.


As the pandemic continues on, having an experienced rental solutions provider like MAPR on your side will help your business and the country finally get over the Covid hump. From air scrubbers, to negative air machines, generators, air conditioning, heating, dehumidification, and other rental options for the healthcare industry, we are happy to play a role in such an unexpected time. We can work closely with your mechanical contractors, HVAC controls company, operations teams, and facility managers to determine the best course of action and rental equipment to meet your needs and overall goals. 


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