Temporary Chiller Services Help Hospitals Overcome Numerous Challenges

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When it comes to efficient and reliable operations, hospitals have a critically important duty to ensure every aspect is functioning properly. Not only is the comfort of patients, staff, and visitors a major consideration, but the equipment that powers surgeries, operations, and other day to day activities must also operate without a hitch. In order to control the temperatures within hospitals and healthcare facilities, HVAC systems, including industrial chillers, are crucial to achieving these and other desired results. 


As it pertains to chiller operations at hospitals, improper maintenance, wear and tear, and unexpected emergencies can have disastrous effects. As such, proactively maintaining chillers and having a contingency plan is a must. Even with these plans in place, unexpected situations and challenges may arise that put hospitals and patients at risk.


Here are the most common challenges and situations that hospitals encounter which require rapid and  temporary solutions.

Major supply chain delays affect installing new chillers or replacing chiller parts

As most industries deal with the effects of supply chain disruptions and delays, HVAC equipment and parts has also had issues. For hospitals that are due for new chillers to be installed, many are stuck in limbo waiting for the new chillers to arrive. For others, regular maintenance and service requires specific parts in order to revive the chillers back to proper operation. However, supply chain delays also have an impact on certain parts. Instead of taking days or weeks, hospitals may have to wait months for their new chillers or parts. As a result, rental chillers are required to ensure cooled air is delivered when and where it is needed.

Hospitals require temporary power and climate control during routine maintenance

Even when the necessary parts are available for routine maintenance, repairs can often take time. Since hospitals do not have the luxury of being closed at certain hours so that climate control and power can be turned off, MAPR often assists by providing temporary power and chiller services to hold them over. Our generators can provide the necessary power while our rental chillers can keep the internal temperatures regulated for days, weeks, or even months if required.

Chiller rentals help bridge the gap between a need and capital expenditure budget season

For hospitals, capital expenditures are used to purchase, improve, and maintain long-term assets, including HVAC related equipment. Because these expenditures are often a substantial amount of money, proper budgeting and planning is essential throughout the year. For some, the rental of chillers and related equipment can often bridge the gap between their need for new parts or units when budget season will not allow large purchases. In those cases, Mobile Air and Power Rentals can quickly deploy chillers to help keep expenditures from affecting the budget. 

Hospitals must meet and exceed OSHPD requirements

The Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI), formerly the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), calls for hospitals to meet and exceed certain requirements. These requirements ensure that all systems work properly to provide safe and efficient facilities for staff and patients alike.  For some hospitals, outdated or non-compliant equipment may cause problems with these requirements. In these situations, our team works closely with the hospital’s operations staff to provide OSHPD approved temporary chillers and equipment on site during their transition period. 


As stated, hospitals can face a number of challenges when it comes to their critical HVAC systems. Mobile Air and Power Rentals helps overcome these situations with temporary chillers and power, ensuring all operations can go uninterrupted. Regardless of your need, our nationwide team is ready to help. 


Give us a call at 888-305-3038 today! Just like hospitals, we are available 24/7/365 to assist.