Chillers Help Keep Concrete Cool at Massive Bridge Project

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When construction projects take place during the summer months in southern Florida, the excessive heat and humidity requires special planning and consideration. As part of a bridge construction and massive concrete pour, rumored to be the largest in Florida’s history, these challenges required special equipment and a knowledgeable team to get the job done. When the DOT called upon us to discuss, we were anxious to be a part of the project and to provide a solution to overcome the challenges at hand.

The initial conversation revealed the details and the large scale of work that would be taking place. The concrete pour would be for over 5000 cubic yards of concrete poured over a course of 33 hours. However, the sizzling summer heat would be a challenge as concrete must be poured and remain in a set temperature range while it cures. For concrete to cure correctly, the ideal temperature range is between 70° to 80° F. In hotter conditions than that, the water within hydrates and cures the concrete and can evaporate. This in turn increases the concrete’s temperature, which causes shrinking, cracking, and overall weakening of the cement.

Knowing that, our team provided comprehensive engineering support and determined that 1000 tons of chilling was needed to keep the concrete cool. As the client was looking for redundancy, we also agreed to provide an additional 500 tons of backup chiller capacity on site. After working out the fine details, we were given the go ahead to get started.

Our skilled sales operations team quickly put together the necessary equipment, which included 7 chillers between 200 and 250 tons to fill the need. This equipment was delivered on site in the desired time frame it was needed. At the construction site, we worked with the team so that the piping could divert chiller water to three 20,000 gallon baker tanks that the customer supplied. This allowed us to have up to 60,000 gallons of 40 degree water ready at a moment’s notice to supply the cooling lines.

Over the course of three days, our technicians remained on site for the duration of the concrete pour and in case of any unforeseen problems. Due to the fine detailed planning and on site execution of the chillers and concrete pour, there were no issues, no downed equipment, and no injuries whatsoever. For this and similar projects, we enjoy being an extension of your team and working hand in hand to overcome heating and cooling obstacles. We were thrilled to play a role on this important infrastructure job and are looking forward to seeing the bridge upon completion.

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