Temporary Rental Heaters Provide Warmth Across Numerous Industries and Applications

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As the winter rapidly approaches, business owners, facility managers, and project managers nationwide are gearing up for the frigid temperatures. Keeping employees warm, maintaining correct temperatures for specialized processes, and keeping temperature sensitive equipment and inventory safe from these low temperatures is often critical for operations. As such, clients nationwide turn to Mobile Air and Power Rentals to provide temporary heater rentals and industrial heating solutions. In the following, we’ll cover some common questions and information around industrial heater rentals so that you are prepared for whatever this winter brings. 


Whether you are looking to rent industrial heaters or just learn more about the available options, here is some helpful info to get you started!


What type of commercial heater rentals are available? 

Depending on the scope of your project and needs, you will find a number of common rental heater options available. Each has its own unique features and provides a variety of options to warm up your particular space. 


  • Direct Fired Heaters: When it comes to efficiency, direct fired heaters are the units for the job. Nearly all of the energy coming from the fuel combustion is utilized, making them more efficient than their counterparts. These are ideal for warehouses, construction sites, and spaces that are not occupied by employees or customers.
  • Indirect Fired Heaters: If you require safe and clean air, indirect fired heaters are the perfect heating rental solution. Combustion takes place in a sealed heat exchanger, allowing for versatility for many applications. From warehouses, to hospitals, offices, or other occupied facilities, this dry heat is sure to meet the requirements for many projects.
  • Electric Heaters: In many cases, fuel may not be available to power heaters on site. As such, electric heaters are a dependable option as they are portable and combustion free. By generating heat through an electric current, no fuel is required and combustible byproducts are eliminated. These units work well for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Miscellaneous Heaters: Although indirect fired, direct fired, and electric heaters are most commonly used, there are times when steam and hot water heaters, flameless heaters, and other miscellaneous rental heaters may be required. 


What are the main features that portable heaters for rent provide?

If portability is a must, MAPR offers a number of options that will provide the desired heat on site. Portable heaters are easy to move from one location to another, with many being wheel mounted for simple maneuverability. Although larger heaters work best for larger projects, our smaller, portable heaters have similar amps, voltage, wattage, and output to meet your needs. Portable units are available in direct fired, indirect fired, and electric heater variations. 


What are good heaters to put in an industrial workplace?

For those looking for rental heaters for industrial applications, you may be wondering: How effective are industrial warehouse heaters? Which heaters are good for industrial workplaces? Industrial space heaters and other industrial warehouse heaters are available to meet a variety of industrial heat requirements. These units are typically indirect fired or direct fired and are built for situations with rugged and durable demands. Depending on the requirements on site, industrial heaters can provide over 4 million BTUs per hour to quickly warm an environment.


Turn to Mobile Air and Power Rentals for your rental heating needs

Regardless of your heating needs, our fleet of temporary heating equipment is there when you require a dependable solution. We work closely with project and facility managers, along with businesses nationwide, to deliver versatile, dependable, and cost effective heat. So as you prepare for winter, or have to deal with winter’s harsh impacts to your operations, turn to our skilled team to assist. Contact us today at 888-305-3038, we are ready to help 24/7/365.