The Proof Is in the Pudding: How ASCAPR Prevented an Operational Nightmare with Emergency Services

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When it comes to shipping distribution centers, there’s little room for error in the already frantic work environment. Any setback can create a massive challenge for a facility’s operations, and suddenly losing air conditioning poses quite a burden. At best, it’s a detriment that makes every employee’s life miserable for a few days, but at worst, it’s cause for a facility shutdown and even a worker’s strike. As one Pennsylvania warehouse faced an abrupt disruption of cooling amid the replacement of their chiller system, they called an engineering firm to design a solution. After estimating that cooling would take a week to restore, the firm then contacted American Spot Cooling & Power Rental, who was able to implement a solution within 48 hours.

Following the request by the engineering firm, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental designed their temporary cooling solution and delivered equipment immediately afterwards. What arrived on site was two 100-ton chillers, two 30-ton air conditioners, four 50-ton air handlers, 1000 feet of hose, and two miles of power cable. One operations manager spent 23 straight hours installing the rental chillers and cooling system, which included running cable along a 48 foot ceiling. After his committed effort towards a fast install, the distribution center had its cooling restored with minimum disruption.

As of right now, it is not clear how long the equipment will be in use before the permanent system is finally replaced. The fact that it can be used indefinitely, along with our fast response time, makes this case a prime example of the breathing room that our emergency services can provide.