MAPR’s Chillers Help Provide Winter Fun in Florida to Snow Park Visitors

Case Studies

When most of us think of Florida, hot and humid weather and beautiful beaches first come to mind. For local residents and visitors to Dade City, the winter time is gaining popularity for something typically seen in much colder climates. For the past two years, a winter wonderland attraction has brought joy to many families. Focused on continually improving its overall experience, the snow park has continued investing to make unforgettable memories for all guests. 


Including a 400 foot long tubing hill, 10,000 square foot play area, private igloos, and an ice skating track, the Florida snow park takes a great deal of planning to properly execute its vision. In order to provide this fun environment to guests, the park uses a large amount of temperature control and chilling equipment.  

Operational Challenges

During their first season, the park ran into numerous issues that affected the guest experience and overall operations. Unfortunately, the park did not have enough chilled water capacity due to the malfunctioning of the existing chillers on site. As a result, the park ran out of snow within days of opening. In addition, they also needed the temperature to drop below 15 degrees in certain areas of the park which proved to be challenging. 


Learning from these lessons, the park’s team reached out to us prior to the opening of the second season to discuss these issues and to find the proper solutions. After a thorough review of the operations at hand, the staff at our Tampa branch came up with a reliable and thoughtful plan that would ensure the upcoming season would be a big hit for all involved.

Individualized Solutions

To solve the unique issues, it was determined that 2800 tons of cooling was required to properly operate all of the attractions on site. To do so, six 400 ton chillers, two 200 ton chillers, a 1000 square foot heat exchanger, a 500 gallon expansion tank and two 70 ton low temperature air handlers would be needed. 


Once the project plan was approved, the MAPR team quickly went to work. With 2 chiller technicians and 8 install technicians on site, they were able to complete the necessary deployment of equipment in time for the fun winter season to begin. This equipment was able to allow for the proper conditions needed to make snow, run the ice skating track, snow tubing hill, igloos, and other various locations. 


After the challenges experienced during the first season, park management proactively made the necessary investments and improvements to the park. By adding new attractions and bringing in an experienced team behind the scenes to flawlessly execute the chillers and temperature control aspects, the second season has been a big success. We enjoyed being a part of such a unique project that is bringing winter joy and smiles to visitors of this newly created Florida attraction.


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