How Temporary Cooling Can Help Schools Without Air Conditioning During Summer Renovations

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Summer is a popular time for school renovations, but many schools lack air conditioning systems, making the construction process challenging. Temporary cooling solutions can help alleviate this problem and ensure that projects stay on track. In this blog post, we will discuss four reasons why temporary climate control is essential for construction projects in schools without air conditioning during summer renovations.

1. Supply Chain Issues

Over the last two years, supply chain issues have become more common, causing delays in the delivery of permanent climate control systems. General contractors (GCs) cannot finish construction and hand over the building if it does not have climate control. Mobile Air can work with both the general and mechanical contractors to provide temporary climate control systems until the permanent system arrives, ensuring no delays in completing the project.

2. Relative Humidity and Climate Control

Moisture has always been a problem in the construction industry because it creates an environment for mold and mildew to grow improper curing of building materials and coatings. The goal in the construction process is to always complete projects as efficiently and cost effective as possible and interruptions from moisture can cause delays on construction projects that cost both time and money. There have always been delays associated with installation of the permanent HVAC systems and now, more than ever, with the global supply chain issues the delays have become longer and more common.

Mobile Air and Power can offer an engineered solution to develop a construction drying plan whether due to delayed equipment, warranty issued with the existing non-commissioned equipment or if it is a LEED project that requires specific Indoor Air Quality. Mobile Air can provide a Turnkey System that will increase ventilation, reduce relative humidity and provide comfort during the entire construction phase.

3. Prevents Heat-Related Illnesses

Exposure to excessive heat can lead to a variety of health problems such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. By using temporary cooling solutions during renovations and construction, schools without air conditioning can protect their staff and construction workers from the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to heat.

4. Product Integrity

Product integrity is another reason for providing both climate and humidity control. This is not typically done during the construction phase but becomes essential once construction is completed, and either the permanent system is not yet installed, or a permanent system was not accounted for – which is the case in many cement tilt wall buildings being constructed today. In these situations, temporary climate control solutions can be sized to maintain both temperature and relative humidity within the ranges specified by the product owner, ensuring no degradation of the product.

In conclusion, temporary cooling solutions play a vital role in ensuring that school renovation projects stay on track during the summer months. By addressing supply chain issues, maintaining appropriate relative humidity levels, preventing heat-related illnesses, and preserving product integrity, temporary climate control systems help create a more efficient and productive work environment for all those involved in the project.