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A temporary power solution from Mobile Air & Power Rentals often goes beyond the generator itself. When a business or facility needs temporary power, a standby generator, or even electricity at a remote location, MAPR has a range of power accessories to make each solution complete. Aside from generators, we offer a host of other power equipment suitable for a wide variety of needs and applications. Our accessories are available either as a part of a temporary power solution or as a standalone rental.

Setting up a power solution is one thing, but keeping it running is another matter entirely. To extend the runtime of generators and limit the frequency of refueling, we offer rental fuel tanks in various capacities as well as towable units.

Some jobs require a source of power where there is no existing power system, such as a construction site or outdoor event. In those cases, our rental spider boxes and panels make it possible to have electricity available any time, at any place.

When business continuity is of critical importance, facilities need a potential source of backup power, and they need to have power instantly restored in the case of an outage. For these applications, our rental transfer switches ensure a safe and quick switch from the main utility power to a backup generator.

Not all electrical equipment is created equally. Different devices require different voltages and phase configurations. Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ fleet of transformers ensures that your equipment can be powered regardless of what voltage our generators provide.

Regardless of what equipment your temporary power solution uses, it needs something to connect it all together. Our rental cable is suitable for use in tough weather conditions and comes with Camlock connectors for convenience and ease of use.

It’s important to know that your power systems can perform as they should at a moment’s notice. When you need to test your generators and other power equipment, you can rely on a rental load bank from us to keep your systems in check.

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