With Great (Rental) Power Comes Great Responsibility: How American Power Rental Helped Prevent Service Interruptions of a Major Gas Pipeline

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When a company was faced with the constraints of two new pump stations hundreds of miles apart, one gas line, and no room for interruption of pump service they reached out to American Power Rental hoping to find a solution. They had finished constructing their gas pipeline pumps ahead of schedule, and needed a temporary power supply until local utilities could install a permanent source of power to the stations. Fortunately American Power Rental excels at thinking outside the box and was able to engineer a turn-key solution that fit the exact needs of this company.

After days of planning, American Power Rental facilitated the set up of two job sites simultaneously. Using an eight person team, consisting of our most experienced technicians, management, and engineers, each site was built without a glitch.

At each site, technicians installed five (5) paralleled generators, each rated at two (2) megawatts, providing a total of eight (8) megawatts of primary power with two (2) megawatts on standby. The rental generators were supplied by onsite rental fuel tanks with a 3 day run capacity, and both the generators and fuel tanks were protected by containment berms. Several miles of camlock cable brought the power through a 3,000 amp disconnect to a pair of step up rental transformers, where the 480 volt line was converted into the 4,160 volts needed to power the gas pumps.

Although this is a temporary setup, the pump stations are expected to utilize the rental power distribution for months and American Power Rental will continue to provide service to these sites as long as necessary. Technicians will monitor and maintain the sites 24 hours a day, and their onsite expertise will provide uninterrupted liquid gas pumping until local utilities can establish stable line power.